KAJN Jesus FM 102.9

Tiffiany Richard


KAJN Announcer

BIRTHDAY: 3-21-71

BIRTH PLACE: Lafayette

ANNIVERSARY: Feb. 11th 2011

SPOUSE – Jason David

NAMES OF CHILDREN: Jeremi Brookter(Chelsey) & Zion Lott

DOG: Elanor ( Golden Retriever)

CHURCH HOME: Rayne Temple Church C.O.G.I.C


WHY? Because of Jesus ..no matter what happens I win!

FAVORITE BIBLE CHARACTER: Job- inspiring and Challenging

WHY? He died for my sins, plus he had perfect character…something desired truly…but aside from Christ there are just too many great Patriachs of the Bible to say.

FAVORITE ARTIST/GROUP: Currently I’m listening to this a group from Canada ” Newworld Son”…There is a Way! I also love Franchesca Batestteli and Kutless and I’m forever a fan of Jeremy Camp and Yolanda Adams.

FAVORITE FOOD: Gumbo, Salmon, Boiled Shrimp and Broccoli…Yum


Trusting and learning to Embrace the fear of the unknown..Jesus is My life..Keeper of my Heart.. and…I’m on a Journey with Him.. Growing in Grace with Joy!!!