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Listener Testimonies

( A card received 5/25/14)

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank You Very Much for all of the christian programming especially ” Unshackled”.

When given the opportunity, I tell others to pray always, live in the word, have many visits with christian believers, tell others what the Lord Jesus has done and listen to christian radio!

Thank You,

Yours Truly TW Toler


(Email Received April 2014)

I will celebrate 47 years on earth on Sunday, April 27,   Divine Mercy Sunday.  I’m Catholic, so I am so excited about Pope John Paul II’s canonization on my birthday.

I also want to thank you and your station for your wonderful ministry.  Even though I am Catholic, I feel that we are all a community of Christians trying to make a difference in the world.

I enjoy listening to Pastor’s Devotion every morning on my way to work with Tommy Faulk.  I love Dr. Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers, David Jeremiah, and all those who give us The Message of Jesus Christ.

Keep up the blessed work of Our Lord….y’all are doing a terrific ministry for South Louisiana.  I guess that is why The Lord loves the people of this area so much.

Have a blessed day

Dawn Billiot