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As Brooke heads off to Bible School and Missions trips…She has an amazing talent for writing so we are sharing a link below for her website / blog she has created that you can follow to keep up to date with her while she is gone for these 5 months!


This is very personal spillings of my heart, but this is for a weary heart that is in a season of waiting. Hope is alive and well. Don’t lose hope dear one.


Winter brings a bitter cold at times, and it can be hard to feel warm. The warmth inside can vanish and leave instead a void. Dreary and dark, winter drags on. All around, growth ceases and color fades. Frozen, time stands still. All progress seems to halt. Hopelessness can overtake, and happy memories fade. The winter drags on with no sign of stopping, and it can be easy to call darkness friend. Cold inside with a lack of light, why does the sun delay coming and leave again so soon? But wait…no winter has ever lasted forever. No, spring always jumps into view just in time. As you hide in the winter, let your eyes watch for spring. As snow falls gently, let its brightness delight your senses and breathe hope. Once the snow melts, flowers bloom. Everything comes alive in spring. Awake, O sleeper, and see the beauty of spring. Feel the warmth of the sun beckoning life again. The sun stays longer, and smells bring you joy. Hearts jump alive at the growth in spring. Oh, weary soul in winter, spring is on the way. Don’t lose hope. Don’t let darkness win. Wait, wait for the Creator’s loving design in spring to awaken you again.


https://brookethompson96.wixsite.com/brookeoflove?fbclid=IwAR0QFB40wjOSpnme4hzgH14AWJ1SMt_PcORvzOov9aMe_f-8doAI32Fi9xI (CLICK HERE)