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Prayer Request from Callers

Prayer Request:

These callers have requested that we share their prayer request with our listeners to agree with them in prayer. We do not post prayer request unless approved by each person that submits a prayer request.

9/21/18- Kimberely – I am requesting prayer for Alex. His dad is a general in the army and is in China. He has not heard from him in over two weeks. There was a typhoon there. Alex has not seen his dad in nearly 3 years. Mom is in heaven. Please pray for his protection and his provision out of China to come home


6/21/18 – David – My wife has been diagnosed with female pattern hair loss. It was completely unexpected as no such thing exist in her family. I believe that God wants to restore the hair she has lost and stop anymore from coming out. Please join in me in praying along these lines.


6/8/18 – Teresa – I pray for healthy strong well-functioning clean beautiful gums and teeth and general health. I pray to keep all my teeth. I pray to naturally stop grinding my teeth. I pray for my sleep apnea to naturally stop. I pray for full natural vigorous regeneration of bone loss, gums, and enamel. I pray for a confident beautiful smile with no black triangles, pockets, or gaps. I pray for healthy strong complete bones and mouth and jaw health. I pray for good well-functioning teeth alignment. I pray for healthy strong gum and teeth attachment. I pray for prompt dental health and healing. I pray for healthy strong joints, ligaments, and soft tissue. I pray for my boyfriend’s health and healing. I pray for his neighbor’s medical issues to be favorably resolved. I pray for forgiveness and to forgive. I pray for compassion. I pray for a joyful smile to share with the world. I pray for no infections and no bad bacteria. I pray for no financial worries.  I pray for a healthy body and sound mind.


6/6/18 – David –  Please pray for our friend Jayne. The results from her kidney tests show a concerning high level of potassium and the blood test showed a low level of white blood cells. She is also having problems from neighborhood vandals and her partner is putting intense pressure on her to move house, causing her tremendous distress because she is already unwell with a myriad of health issues.


6/5/18- Tom –  Please pray that God will grant me His grace and reconcile me with the love of my life


5/24/18 – David – Wife appears to have a serious folliculitis fungal infection and is worried about losing more hair. Please pray for wisdom to prevent it from getting worse and for the medical professionals to get to the bottom of it quickly and for full healing/restoration. Also, our friend Jayne had a blood test showing levels were low in her kidneys. She is due more tests. Please pray for healing and that all will be well. Finally, my wife has an assessment for autism on 30 May. Please pray she will be assessed fairly and get the support she needs.


5/9/18 – Marcia – for healing, restoration and protection.


5/8/18 – David – My wife had an endoscopy and nothing structurally was found to be wrong. However, she still suffers from various throat symptoms and doesn’t want to be on long-term medication. Please pray that the underlying reason for these symptoms is discovered and for favour and that she can swiftly be restored to full health. She is also suffering from raw itchy scalp problems resulting in hair loss/thinning, which is getting her down. Please pray the doctor will want to investigate and support my wife in getting the correct diagnosis/medication as a lot of scalp problems can be misread and she doesn’t wish to lose more hair or irritate/delay with the wrong product.


3/19/18 – Seth request prayer,  I am in a very dark place financially. I don’t know how I’ll pay the phone bill, or for gas in my car, or other bills. Please pray that the Lord will pull me out. Pray for a powerful breakthrough from the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will pull me out of debt, and give me a clean slate. Pray for great financial wisdom for me, and for wisdom in how to live day-to-day. Pray that the Lord will train me in how to steward His finances well, and that He’ll teach me the financial principles of the Kingdom.


1/15/18 – Paul requests prayer for healing and for steady employment.


8/17/17- Grace request prayer  for provision for us to be able to access the help, care and support we urgently need. We are having to move out of this house and we need provision to move our stuff to another house and help to pay any short fall from our present 4 loans. Please pray for a way to pay back loans that we have no way to do so.


8/3/17 – Nicole request prayer for  her  family is traveling to MD Anderson today, for a surgery that my dad, Roy Johnson is having to remove his left kidney that has a cancer growth on it. Praying for traveling grace, for God’s
peace and strength as we go through this season, to bless the surgeons as they remove the kidney, healing and recovery, and God’s will over my dad’s life and the lives of all of our family.


7/25/17 – Sheana request prayer,  I went through a bitter divorce 5 years ago. Due to lack of funds, I had poor legal representation and my 3 children and I were court ordered to move out of our home. One month after we moved out, he moved his mistress in our home. We are still displaced living in a one bedroom. Please help me in praying that my children and I are back in our home and gives us peace of mind.


7/17/17 – Katie Request prayer for  Briggs Leger. He has a type of viral herpes and is running fever. Please pray for God to heal him completely. And for his mother, Amber Leger, for her headache to go away and that she has a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby!


7/18/17 – Katie request prayer for  for Darrell Alleman, They found another  spot near his lung.