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Prayer Request from Callers

Prayer Request:

These callers have requested that we share their prayer request with our listeners to agree with them in prayer. We do not post prayer request unless approved by each person that submits a prayer request.


1/5/20 – John request prayer for healing in his body, financial miracle.

1/9/20 – Henry requested prayer for the left side of his foot, hurts when he puts weight on it.

1/7/20 – Sandra request prayer for her son for God’s guidance for his future.

12/31/19 – Katie request prayer for Taylor, she is having liver failure. She needs a miracle.

12/17/19 – Sharon request prayer for Jon who is at hospital with tightness in his chest and reflux is bad.

12/20/19 – Mary request prayer for Wade who was injured in plane crash.

12/2/19- Henry request prayer for wisdom and insight for a family member

12/6/19 – Sharon request prayer for her nephew Jason who is having stomach issues could be a bacterial infection.

12/11/19 – Henry request prayer for his right foot it hurts when he stand or walks on it.

12/6/19 – Laura request prayer , she thanks God for all that he has done in her life, and believing for her new house.

12/7/19- Henry request prayer for a small church who is trying to buy property. God will direct them to the right location.

12/7/19 – Mary request prayer for her grandchild Karen, having difficult time in school.

10/27 – Rhonda requested prayer for a supernatural intervention of the Lord.

10/25 – Katie requested prayer for Saybel, she fell and couldn’t get up. Also suffered a stroke and a fracture in her back. Please pray for complete healing and to be mobile again.

10/24- Sharon requested prayer for her sister Geri, who is having major knee problems.  She needs a speedy healing.

10/22 – Jesu requested prayer for a job.

9/11 – Paul ask for prayer for his wife and family.

9/12- Sharon asked for prayer for John, He has cancer of the colon. He has been in remission for 7 years and the cancer has now come back.