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Upper Room Praise Reports

God continues to answer the prayers of our Upper Room Prayer Partners, because they are simply trusting Him to do so, and because we all know the battle is not ours but the Lord’s. (I Chron. 5:22)

A Sister Requested for prayer for herself after medical test came back showing problems on her kidneys. After prayer, she saw another doctor to follow up from the first doctor, this doctor runs test and comes in comparing the first test with the second ones and tells her, “Lady you had one ugly kidney! I don’t know what happened but today it’s not ugly anymore!” Doctor said she is going to be ok!

A Teacher Called for prayer for a summer job and called back to report she found one!

A sister called for healing for her sinuses and called back she is healed.

A sister called in. Prayed for God to heal her from hepatitis, after suffering from stage 4 liver damage. After prayers she called back to report that this last doctor appointment she was told that her liver was clean and there was no trace of hepatitis in her blood! She was healed!

A listener called for prayer for a young girl who was in a bad auto accident and had broken her back. After prayer she reported back that the young girl went through surgery well and was able to stand!

A brother from Egan requested prayer as he was having surgery and reported back the next day that surgery went great and he was recuperating with minimal pain.

A Pastor called for prayer a few months back with automobile needs and church needs. Reported back that God provided and took care of every need with a new automobile at a great price and God protecting them on a church trip recently taken. Praise God for Him meeting all her family’s needs.

A sister called for prayer for finals in college and called back to report she graduated

A listener Called for prayer for God to meet all her needs financially. Called back to report the Favor of God. Her machine broke and turned out that it had a recall on it. The Company gave her a new machine and let her keep the old machine and was able to sell it to someone who could fix it giving her money she needed for her electric bill! Praise God He met her needs.

A listener asked for prayer about the purchase of their new home, They close on July 11th!

A Mother Called for prayer for her sick child and he is well and he is now potty trained!

A listener wanted to praise God for KAJN Upper Room being here to pray with her and for God hearing and answering her prayers.


2018 SALVATIONS TO DATE: 23 callers have received the Lord as their Savior!





Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling the Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes and call again. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook!