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Upper Room Praise Reports

God continues to answer the prayers of our Upper Room Prayer Partners, because they are simply trusting Him to do so, and because we all know the battle is not ours but the Lord’s. (I Chron. 5:22)

The prayer partners have been praying for our Upper Room director’s daughter, who has an eye disease that is deteriorating her eye site and is consider legally blind at this time. She was told in September that she has 2 years to have a surgery done or she will be completely blind. Her last appointment to the doctor’s amazement her right eye’s condition has improved 50%! We are believing for complete restoration!

A lady has been calling in for prayer for a home she was trying to get, and things were just not falling into place, so we began praying that if this was not God’s Will or His Best for her for Him to close this deal and lead her to something better. She called back declaring, “God had something better!” But was a little short on the funds to get it, we prayed on a Monday and she called back Tuesday to tell us God provided, and her money was on it’s way. We prayed and Gave God Glory, she called back Wednesday to Praise God that He was sending more than she needed and is able to pay off something else before moving into her new home! Praise GOD!

A  Crowley Lady called for prayer for a friend with a blot clot, she called back that by time they reach the hospital it was already beginning to break up!

A Wife called from Elton, for prayers for her ill husband, she shared she was saved but he wasn’t. After prayer, our prayer partner encouraged her to have her husband call in himself. An hour later he did, and requested to pray for Prayer of Salvation, gave his life to Christ and Then we were able to pray with him for his healing and restoration.

A sister from the Lafayette area called even though she was saved, she was still living with condemnation thoughts and wanted to be set FREE. We shared scripture with her and prayed, by the end of the call we were both crying and she declared she felt God’s deliverance!

A sister contacted us on facebook for prayer for her son to be delivered and for his Salvation. A few weeks went by she contacted us back to declare God’s Miracle in her son’s life, he accepted Christ as His Savior and is seeking God and has walked away from his old life.

A Man called on Monday for prayer for a job, he had been layed off. We prayed and Friday he called back to report that he found a new job and he starts on Monday!!

2018 SALVATIONS TO DATE: 12 callers have received the Lord as their Savior!





Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling the Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes and call again. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook!