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Upper Room Praise Reports

      • Upper Room Up-Date
      •   Date:  November 17,2017
      • To:  Announcers & Staff From:  Director of Outreach Ministries  RE: Praise Reports
      • God continues to answer the prayers of our Upper Room Prayer Partners, because they are simply trusting Him to do so, and because we all know the battle is not ours but the Lord’s. (I Chron. 5:22)
      • Ann called back in January, for her niece’s nursing school and job situation to work out, she called back this week to tell us that GOD work it all out, even the job she got is perfect and doesn’t conflict with her class schedule.
      • Carol: Called in October for prayer for her brother n law who had been in an auto accident, suffered two broken legs and broken ribs, and informed us he is now in therapy, legs are healed and he is doing much better!
      • Prayed for Betty a week ago for a healing, diagnosed with Shingles, and contacted us to let us know that she is doing great and praising Jesus that she is doing so well !
      • Barry contacted us for prayer for his father hospitalized, very ill with an infection and let us know the next day that his father was doing so much better.
      • A Brother called after receiving Christ as His Savior a few weeks ago, that he is studying in the Word daily and God is revealing new things to him and he has found a church family to fellowship with.
      • Mary has been contacting us for prayer for provision, God brought in enough for 2 months of bills to be paid!
      • A Caller asked for prayer because there were these shots that she has to take and her insurance is not covering it any longer and she can’t afford them, we prayed together for God to either provide the shots for her or to send something different that will work for her, she called back to tell us her doctor called her and told her he found a pill she can take and it is covered!
      • A Brother had called in for prayer for his broken ankle, he called back to say He is completely healed with no pain or complications, walking around like it was never broken!

      Monica had called for prayer for her granddaughter very ill and hospitalized and called back to tell us her granddaughter was healed and is                     leaving the hospital! Also to Praise God for her brother’s Cancer was completely healed

    • Upper Room Up-Date  
    • 11/10/17
    • Caller called in October for prayer for her sister who is expecting a baby, the last ultrasound had revealed the baby had a brain tumor, the doctors didn’t have a hopeful diagnosis for the young mother. This week we were informed with the last ultrasound, that the Brain tumor is no longer there! Praise God!
    • A mother from Lake Charles called this week for prayer for her 17 year old daughter, diagnosed and confirmed from a second doctor that she had a cyst is on her ovary, we prayed for her. The next day she called to tell us she had to bring her daughter in for severe pain, and more test were ran and the new doctor said the cyst is gone!
    • A sister in the Lord called for prayer for a job and her needs to be met. She contacted us back to let us know God had brought in provision for her bills due that week! And she has hope about a job coming soon!
    • A Kajn Listener called for prayer for her ill daughter, we prayed for her daughter and then she prayed and accepted the Lord as her Savior!
    • Someone called a month ago asking for prayer for direction in the ministry and needed a Word for the Lord where He was directing him, and he called back this week to tell us know he is being ordained this month and God is opening doors!
    • Roxie contacted us for prayer for her marriage after prayer and sending her scriptures, she informed us this week, things are turning around and she and her husband are growing more in the Lord and things are getting better each day!
    • A mother called for prayer for her son having surgery on his neck, she contacted us to let us know that the surgery went well and her son is healed with no complications.
    • Beverly called in for prayers for brother having medical test done, called back to tell us that the Doctor gave him a good report!
    • A Grandmother contacted us for prayers for her ill granddaughter in the hospital, she informed us that within 24 hours the child was feeling better, keeping her fluids down and smiling!
    • ANNOUNCERS – Please remember to tell our listeners that if they don’t get an answer when calling The Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please ask them to give us about 10  minutes then call again.