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Upper Room Praise Reports

  • 2018 SALVATIONS TO DATE: 32 callers have received the Lord as their Savior!
  • A Local Pastor contacted us for prayer for his congregation going through a transition and growth spurt and facing
    some opposition. He called back to report that God did a marvelous thing through this difficult time, a new Church
    building has opened up that will cost less to operate and a second and third church service is being established!
  •  A mother requested prayer for her daughter who had been unjustified in being let go from her position at
    work and mother contacted us to let us know that everything has been taken care up and her daughter
    received her compensation and received her breakthrough they had been praying for!
  •  A daughter requested prayer for her elderly father who had been hospitalized unexpectedly with possible
    heart condition. She reported that her father’s condition has greatly improved and is being released from the
  • A sister from Estherwood, called for prayer for wisdom and direction in a legal situation and for God’s Favor,
    she reported back that God lead her to the right person to speak with and found Favor! Everything was taken
    care of and her prayer request was answered!
  • A mother called in for prayer for a financial need for her and her sons to be able to move to a new
    neighborhood, she called back to report that God brought in more than she was requesting prayer for and she
    and her sons are in their new home and are rejoicing in God’s Mercy and Goodness!
  • A mother called for prayers for daughter who was having an angiogram down due to some health
    complications. After prayer that morning, mother called back to report that daughter’s angiogram showed
    nothing wrong with her heart and doctor said that her daughter is going to be okay! The symptoms she was
    having has stopped!
  •  A husband from Arkansas requested prayer for his wife going through surgery, he reported later that his wife
    is resting, surgery went great and doctors said she will make a good recovery. Even heard from his wife who
    reported she was feeling great and had no complications! Thanking God for prayers and for everyone who
    was helping her family as she gets back on her feet.
  • A Pastor called for prayer for his nephew with cancer and his bones were brittle and breaking. He called back
    to report that nephew is doing so much better and bones are strengthening. Believing for complete healing
    and restoration!
  •  A Crowley brother called in to report that after prayer with us, he is starting to see God move and is bringing
    healing not only to his body but to his family and marriage. Praise Jesus.
  •  A lady called in for prayer for her son’s finance’ who was experiencing unexplained heavy bleeding for over 5
    days and was very week. We prayed with her for the young lady, can she called back 36 minutes later to
    report that the bleeding stopped completely and feeling better!
  • A sister called in for prayer for herself feeling down and discouraged and for her family and friends. She called
    back the next day to report that she woke up with a new hope in her heart and the heaviness had lifted and
    she was Praising God!


Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling The Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes, then call again at 337-783-2000. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook and send prayer request at upperroom@kajn.com anytime.