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Upper Room Praise Reports

  • 2018 SALVATIONS TO DATE: 31 callers have received the Lord as their Savior!
  • An elderly sister from Eunice who calls regularly, called to report that God protected her when her home was
    broken in to. She said she woke up to find an intruder standing over her with a large knife. She said all she could do
    was say, “Lord save me By the Blood of Jesus Christ!” and the intruder turned and ran and climbed out the window
    he climbed into.
  •  A grandmother from Jennings, called for prayer for her grandson who had fallen and injured his hand in
    basketball practice and appear he had broken bones in his hand. We prayed and spoke 1 Peter 2:24 over his
    hand, that By the stripes on Jesus’ back his hand is healed! She called and back and reported that the Doctor
    said there no broken bones and his hand will be fine.
  •  A Sister who calls in daily, call for prayer after passing out with new meds she was on. We prayed for clarity
    and for her doctors to be able to make a decision for her well-being. She called back to report that a new
    Doctor put her on some meds that are helping her better.
  • A Baldwin Grandmother, called for prayer for her granddaughter who is in college and had failed a huge
    comprehension exam. We prayed for her and asked the Lord’s Mercy for a retake! She called back to report
    that her professor allowed her to retake this exam and she passed it with a high score. She also passed the
    other two exams she had to take in between that we prayed success for!
  • A listener from Franklin called in to report, that after months of prayers with us, God is answering her prayers
    for she and her husband’s finances by rearranging and doing away with some of the financial burdens. She
    even got a new job where the schedule is better for her children and family. Praise God!
  • A Sister called in contemplating suicide, she was so discouraged after family had abandoned her and she was
    suffering from crippling arthritis. She was crying and just in despair with no hope. We were able to minister
    God’s Word to her and pray with her, and at the end of the call she had stopped crying and was feeling a
    sense of relief. She called back the next morning to report that God had lifted the dark cloud from her and
    imparted His Peace and Joy. The Lord had lead her to scriptures over night that revealed the darkness on her
    was a trial and she was set free from it and was rejoicing saying how much better she felt.
  •  A Sister called in very discouraged and talking about suicide. We were able to minister The Word to her and
    pray with her. By the end of the call she said she was feeling God’s Peace and she called back the next
    morning to tell me that the heaviness had lifted off of her and she was feeling God’s JOY in her life again and
    knew that it was an attack, thanking us for being here for her.
  • A listener from Kaplan called listening to our Station and feeling really ministered too and convicted and
    asked us to lead her in the Sinner’s Prayer to rededicate her life to Jesus Christ!
  •  A sister called in for prayer 4 months diagnosed with stage 3 Kidney disease. She called back to report that
    God DID A MIRACLE! She had 2 doctors report that there is no evidence of Kidney Disease! Praise Jesus!
  •  A Sister called in for an urgent Financial need. We prayed and the Lord let us to pray for God to send her
    financial blessing from an unexpected source. She called the next day that she received a call that she had
    overpayed on her taxes and after following up that day, she called back to report she was given a $1400
    refund! God answered her prayers and provided for her from an unexpected source!


Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling The Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes, then call again at 337-783-2000. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook and send prayer request at upperroom@kajn.com anytime.