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Upper Room Praise Reports

God continues to answer the prayers of our Upper Room Prayer Partners, because they are simply trusting Him to do so, and because we all know the battle is not ours but the Lord’s. (I Chron. 5:22)

A Sister Requested for prayer for her knee, she was in severe pain from an injury and called back a week later after prayer to report God healed her knee.

A Sister called for prayer because the Doctor had found a cyst on her lung, after prayer she had to have more test run. Called back to report that the cyst was gone.

A sister called and requested Prayer for an unspoken request, after prayer she reported back God had answered her prayer.

A lady from Abbeville, called for prayer for her stomach, She had been having all sorts of problems and called back after prayer to report she was no longer having those stomach problems.

A KAJN listener requested prayer for her liver after doctor found a spot on it, after prayer she reported back that the next test revealed spot was gone.

A Mom had been calling through the process of buying her home, and there were all types of delays and obstacles, but each time we prayed God made a way. She finally called back to report that she was all moved into her new home.

A grandmother requested prayer for her new grandbaby who needed surgery on her little hand, she reported back that surgery went great and baby was healing up and doing well.

A mother has been calling for prayer for her daughter and son n law, who were having some problems and she called back to report with joy that the couple is doing so much better. They are even praying together and doing ministry together. Praise God.

A brother from Breaux Bridge has been calling for prayer for spiritual strength and guidance and for God to be glorified in his business. Called back to report how well he is doing and that God is blessing his business and He gives God all the Glory.

A Teacher called for prayer about decisions she had to make before leaving for the summer and called back to report God worked everything out in order and she was able to make a decision, sign her contract for teaching and still leave for her family event out of state. God worked it all out for her.

A brother has been calling for prayer for a few years about a legal situation for his family and has faced obstacles and delays. Called to report that this week he got the call for it all to be finalized. Praise God.

An Abbeville Sister called for prayer for a financial need and reported back that GOD answered
her prayers and brought in the blessing to meet the need.


2018 SALVATIONS TO DATE: 21 callers have received the Lord as their Savior!





Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling the Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes and call again. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook!