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Upper Room Praise Reports

  • A listener from Oakdale called in for prayer for her sister after a hip injury. She called back to report that her sister was healing and was able to attend church with a walker! Praise The Lord she is walking again. Jeremiah 30:17 God will restore good health unto you.
  •  A Crowley listener called for prayer needing a provision to attend her doctor’s appointment out of town and reported back that the Lord provided a ride to and from the doctor’s appointment within minutes of us praying with her.
  •  A Sister from Basile, called in for prayers. She is awaiting surgery and out of work and no income coming in. The day she called in she was crying, she was out of food and no money to purchase any. We prayed with her and for God to provide for her and her son. She called back a few hours later to report that a local church brought her a box of groceries! She was so elated with God’s Provision. Philippians 4:19 Our God will supply all our needs.
  • An Egan listener called in for prayer for her relationship with her friend. After prayer she called back to report that God was working in their relationship and she was hopeful for good things to come.
  • A Kaplan listener called in for prayer having medical test for her heart. We prayed with her and ask the Lord to give her a New Heart if there was anything wrong with her heart. She reported after her appointment to tell us the doctor said that her heart was like a new heart! There was nothing wrong with her heart!
  • A New Iberia Sister has been calling in for several months for her marriage and her husband. She called to report this week that she is seeing God move in her and husband’s relationship and she really has hope God is answering her prayers.
  •  A Listener from Crowley called in for prayer for a medical appointment for a check-up. She suffered from an eating disorder and anxiety and Doctors are monitoring her weight progress. She called back to report that her appointment went great and doctor said she is progressing wonderfully and will not have to go into rehab.
  • A mother from Church Point, called for prayer for her son who after his trial was sent to prison because the paper work wasn’t processed correctly in time. After prayer she called back the next morning rejoicing and to report that he was being released and she was on her way to pick him up.
  •  A Prayer Partner’s Daughter received some disturbing news from her Maternity Doctor that some test had shown some problems with her unborn baby. After much prayer with her and for her, she reported back that the second set of test revealed that she was going to have a healthy normal little boy.
  • A Crowley sister awaiting on getting her car fixed after an accident called in for prayer discouraged that she was having to wait so long for it to be fixed because the insurance money hadn’t come in yet. She called back a few hours later to report that she received a call from the Insurance company telling her that her check was mailed and should arrive the next day.
  • A sister called for prayer for her daughter with a hip injury and in a lot of pain. She called back to report that her daughter was doing so much better and the pain was gone and said she was healed!



Please remember that if you don’t get an answer when calling The Upper Room, it means we are all praying with other callers at that time. Please give us about 10-15 minutes, then call again at 337-783-2000. Look for KAJN Upper Room on Facebook and send prayer request at upperroom@kajn.com anytime.