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Upper Room Praise Reports

  • Upper Room Up-Date

    9/14 Shirley called for husband having heart trouble, Dr. was concerned there was blockage. After test were run again today she told us there is NO Blockage!

    Kathy called for prayer a week ago before her cat scan, called back this week to tell us her scan was all clear!

    Cindy called for prayer for her husband, Doctor told him he has a spot on his right lung and it was stage 2 cancer. They ran test Friday to see how far spread the cancer was and took a biopsy. We prayed for him, she let us know Friday afternoon that the Doctor said the spot of cancer was contained in one area and they sent for a biopsy. Monday the pathologist is saying that he isn’t seeing anything malignant so they are running another biopsy Wednesday to confirm. Still praying but we are hopeful for a good report!

    Carol from Baton Rouge called in for a family member who was in an accident. He experienced two broken legs and a collapsed lung. She let us know after a week of prayer, he is progressing and doing better! Even beginning to breath on his own.

    Mary has been calling for prayer support, she lost her job and needed a financial miracle. We prayed for God to meet her need on Monday morning and He supplied Monday afternoon with more than enough to pay her bill with a little extra to get her car fixed. Now she is believing for the right job to come available for her.

    A Sister from Lake Charles called about her marriage and their finances. She said she was faithful in doing what the Lord told her to do and she called to let us that God has increased their finances and is meeting their needs and she isn’t having to work as much as she used too. She is also seeing God move in her marriage and husband as well!

    Shanelle called to Praise God, her aunt had been in the nursing home for 2 years and was discharged, she has her own apartment and is doing well! Glory to God.

    Anita called for prayer and she is called praising GOD that He is answering her prayers and helping her conquer anxiety and filling her home with His Peace. Healed her from her pain.

    We had a young mother call our number by mistake, and we prayed with her for God to meet her financial needs, then we were able to lead her to Christ and she accepted the Lord as her Savior!