KAJN Jesus FM 102.9

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Ross Tire and Service

“We do an informal survey of our customers and find that many are KAJN Listeners. I feel there is a duo-fold impact, my business and I are uplifted and, by advertising with KAJN, I help to spread the Gospel. In addition, and most importantly, I feel that KAJN Listeners are much more loyal than those of other stations.”

David Ross
Ross Tire and Service


Aok Windshields

“When we first opened in 1992, we wanted to support Christian radio. We purchased time on a couple of different stations, but have had the most results, more than expected, from KAJN. We are very pleased and highly recommend KAJN to others.”

Melissa Vincent Comeaux
AOK Windshields, Inc.


Salvador’s Jewelers

“We have had a very good feedback from our ads with KAJN. In fact there has not been a loss of business, even with the slow economy. I feel that this is partly due to the loyal KAJN listeners.”

Shane Spallino
Salvador’s Jewelers


Irwin’s Mattress Mart

“We have advertised with KAJN for several years and are very pleased with the results. Customers come in and tell us that they heard our ad on KAJN. The resulting sales have more than paid for the ads. As a matter of fact, KAJN is the only station that gets repeat business from us.”

Adeline Irwin
Irwin’s Mattress Mart, Inc.


Russell’s Specialty Meats

“I have placed ads with others, but KAJN gave me the most results. Customers come and tell me they heard my ad on KAJN. I’m very pleased with the results that I’ve gotten. I think I could safely say that about 95% of my customers during holiday seasons are KAJN listeners.”

Russell Charles
Russell’s Specialty Meats



“Honsetly, I never thought much about Christian radio as a communication tool. I was skeptical. I’m not skeptical anymore, thanks to the fact that KAJN delivered for us the very first time. The station repeatedly delivers our message and gets results. KAJN will continue to be an important part of the advertising media mix at SLEMCO.”

George Fawcett