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Sidewalk Prophets

Sidewalk Prophets’ song “Keep Making Me” off their album Live Like That (March 26, 2012), speaks of the importance of being broken and vulnerable before God.
“I think we all can agree that one of the most important things in life is love. It’s what life is all about,” says lead singer David Frey. “Often it’s a scary thought- to be open with someone and to truly love them. But I think it’s gets to the core of what Jesus is all about.”
He continues, “I think we need to pray scary prayers that are so vulnerable that they leave us open for being broken and changing our bad habits. It’s not an easy thing, but I think it’s beautiful thing. To love is to be vulnerable. To let God enter in and say ‘break me.’ We all need love, and true love only comes from Christ.”
The band- comprised of Ben McDonald (rhythm guitar), Cal Joslin (bass) and Justin Nace (drums) and David (mentioned above)- got its start by leading worship at its alma mater, Anderson University. With a desire to encourage its fellow believers on how to integrate worship with real life, the band played independently for several years before signing a record deal and moving to Nashville. While independent, the band did whatever it took to make it, even if it meant sleeping in the janitor’s closet at some venues and subsiding on dinners of beans and cornbread while honing their skills.
Teaming up with All Star United frontman and famed producer Ian Eskelin, the band recorded These Simple Truths, its first album with the goal to convince even the most jaded listener that it was possible to craft listenable music with a Christ-centered message.
Thanks in large part to their single “The Words I Would Say” and “You Love Me Anyway,” the album earned them distinction as the 2010 “New Artist of the Year” at the Gospel Music Association’s annual Dove Awards and delivers a message that God loves His people, and ultimately, there’s nothing better than enjoying a close friendship with our Creator.
The message of Live Like That- which also contains the songs, “Help Me Find It,” and “Live Like That”- is committing to selflessness and faithful optimism, as evident on every song on the record.
“This album is a reflection of our journey in music and our desire to live our lives in such a way that it is rooted in a deep passion and love that knows no bounds,” David adds.