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Britt Nicole

The dream started with a three-year-old in North Carolina. Britt Nicole began singing in her home church as child. As a teenager, she learned to play instruments in order to write songs. After high school, she was offered a music scholarship to Belmont University, but she turned it down because of her urge to pursue a music career right away. Her debut album, Say It, and singles “You” and “Set the World on Fire” soon followed in 2007.

Her second album was titled “The Lost Get Found,” and was released in 2009. With her third album “Gold”, released in 2012, Britt’s songs began to become popular in mainstream music in addition to contemporary Christian music. Over time, her songs caught the attention of TV producers. Many of her songs have been featured on promotions on TV. Britt says, “It’s kinda funny cause my songs have ended up in some different places that I would have never imagined them being, but it’s so cool cause people get to hear your music that would never hear it. It’s been awesome to see.” In 2015, an album of remixes arrived. Britt’s fourth and latest album “Britt Nicole” was released in 2016. Her singles, “Pave”, “Be the Change”, and “Through Your Eyes” came off of that album.

Britt has been a part of many of the noteworthy Winter Jam tours. Britt is committed to being a positive role model for young girls. She is very outspoken about her inspiration behind her songs that promote self-esteem and faith in the midst of every circumstance. Britt has continued to stay involved in creating music and touring to share that music in the midst of many changes in her personal life. In 2012, she married Joshua Crosby, who was her drummer. Her daughter was born in 2013, and her son in 2015.

“In the past, I have often let the fear of people and their opinions stop me from being who I am. At the core though, I know who I am and who God has called me to be. In letting go of my past, I was able to move forward, and instead of focusing on all my mistakes and failures, I started focusing on those around me. That’s ultimately why I’m here, to worship God and to reach those who need to know Him.”