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Escape From Poverty

Escape From Poverty

We partner with churches, civic organizations, and businesses to provide life skills classes, mentors, and budget counselors to impoverished families within small-group settings. The impoverished participants and their volunteers attend these classes weekly for 6 months. They participate by doing activities and assignments with their mentors which build supportive, encouraging relationships while practically applying lessons taught. Check the “curricula” tab for a listing of those classes. Even outside the classes, mentors help our impoverished participants solve life’s problems by bringing their common sense and wisdom to provide guidance, support, and accountability.

Why Do We Help?

  • Sometimes when a person is in poverty they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and hopeless. A fresh perspective from an objective, positive person offers a lifeline of hope.
  • Louisiana’s poverty rate is 19.2 % – the second highest rate in the nation, and the highest in the south (U.S. Census Bureau).
  • Poverty in America is growing. Years of entitlement programs and relief services have helped the poor survive poverty. We want to help get them out of poverty.
  • More than 26% of our children live in poverty – which leads to a high rate of crime.

You can contact Escape From Poverty at 337-984-4858 or visit www.escapefrompoverty.org