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Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave’s humility and unpretentious attitude are clearly evident in its newest song “Overwhelmed.” The song is a reflection of all that God has done for us, and how it seems that our only response is to “run into Your arms, unashamed because of mercy.”
“Overwhelmed” joins “The Only Name (Yours Will Be),” and “Redeemed,” off their latest album Love Come To Life (April 17, 2012). “As believers, we live with this knowledge of God’s love, and we are recipients of God’s love, but He never intended for it to stop there,” said lead singer Mike Weaver. “I feel like as I’m ready to point my finger at the Church, I am reminded that I am the Church. I see the effect of God’s love on my life. The reason that Jesus poured out His love on us was so the world would know who we are by the way we love one another–not just the way we talk about it.”

“He’s given us authority in His name,” explains lead singer Mike Weaver about “The Only Name (Yours Will Be).” “He’s given us healing and redemption in His name. Our identity is wrapped up in the name of Jesus. As children of God, we are living for the glory of someone else, the Son of the living God. Jesus is the only name that matters.”
He continues, “The older I get the songs I heard growing up mean more and more to me. That Bill Gaither song, ‘There’s something about that Name. Kings and Kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that name, Jesus. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. We’ve seen that in the past year. Sickness has to bow at the name of Jesus. Bondage of any kind is broken at the name of Jesus. Not only at His name, but also His name on the lips of someone who is walking in the identity that His name provides us.”
The band is made up of a group of “ordinary guys” with an extraordinary job. They love every minute of it because of the people they meet and minister to along the way. Comprised of Mike Weaver (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Jay Weaver (bass, vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar), Joe Shirk (sax, keyboards) and Jeff Jones (drums), the group got its start after they met at the University of Mobile.
Between recording and touring regularly for the past decade, the band has amassed a considerable catalog of fan favorites including “Audience of One,” “Every Time I Breathe,” “Fields of Grace,” “In Christ,” “Without You” and “What Life Would Be Like.” Big Daddy Weave compiled their favorite songs into an Ultimate Collection album released in the fall of 2011.