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April 19, 2014 - 7:38pm
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Gospel For Asia Reports

History and Updates on Missionary Manja

Father and Son Delivered - 10/24/03

Prabhu followed in his father’s footsteps: He was addicted to alcohol. Both father and son lived for what the world offered them. But the cravings for alcohol took their toll on their health. Prabhu developed holes in his intestine and grew physically weak. In desperation, he tried going to several doctors, but none could help him.

That was when he met Vijay, a native missionary who shared Christ’s love with Bhagavan and fervently prayed for God to deliver him. To Prabhu’s amazement, he completely lost his desire for alcohol. Even his father noticed the change in him. Soon both father and son received Christ and embraced His joy in their lives. They pray their family will soon also know Him.

God’s Power in a Hostile Village - 10/23/03

Lakehswar was on his deathbed with everyone gathered to say goodbye. But something miraculous took place instead.

He was suffering from tuberculosis and about to die. There was no hope for his survival. His friends and family were called to see him one last time. That was when native missionary Somaru came to the door. He had heard about Lakehswar and wanted to pray for him. As Somaru prayed, the man on his deathbed began to stir. Color returned to his cheeks. He blinked a few times and sat up. People couldn’t believe it! Instead of dying, Lakehswar got out of bed and sent everyone home. He was healed!

Lakehswar is not the only person Somaru has seen changed by the power of God. Biraj was once a persecutor, but now he labors with the missionary, receiving training and preaching the Gospel.

By God’s grace, Somaru recently led 15 people to salvation in Christ. He works in a village dominated by militant anti-Christians, yet the power of God cannot be stopped.

The Only Way - 10/21/03

Walking through his village in Asia, Vijay overheard something that would change his life. “Jesus is the only way to God. He can save you,” rang out the voice from the church. That was all Vijay heard, but he could not get it out of his mind. Lying in bed that night, he recalled the words again.

Not one of the gods Vijay worshipped claimed to be the only way, the only God. By the next morning, Vijay had received Jesus into his heart. He eagerly told the pastor, who prayed with him and gave him a Bible.

Vijay’s family rejected him when they heard of his new faith, but God’s healing power softened their hearts. His mother was healed of a brain tumor, and his father was cured of ulcers. Now the entire family has invited Christ into their lives.

Today Vijay studies at a Gospel for Asia Bible school, preparing to be a missionary himself. His passion is to see all of India turn to the only one who can save them, the Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, GFA’s Bible schools are filled with people who, like Vijay, are ready to lay down their lives to reach the lost.

Fasting 40 Days - 10/20/03

Nesan wanted something so badly he went without food for days until he got it. This GFA native missionary in India found out about whole villages that have never heard about Jesus. With all his heart, he wanted to bring the Gospel of Christ to one of these villages.

When he graduated from a Gospel for Asia Bible school, he followed his dream and went to an unreached area. He lived there, handing out tracts and praying for the sick. But no one responded.

For eight months, he struggled in the ministry without a single person coming to know Christ. Eight months was too long for Nesan. The souls of these people were too precious, so he decided to fast and pray for 40 days. That’s when everything changed. By the end of the 40 days, two families had come to the Lord. Within a year, 15 people had received Jesus Christ as their Savior!

The Gospel Brought to Life - 10/17/03

A movie playing in Asian villages is having an eternal impact on many lives. It is a touching, Indian-made film on the life of Jesus.

A team of five native missionaries recently drove into one Indian village, home to 25 families. In their van were Bibles, Gospel tracts and film equipment. They came to show the film on the life of Jesus. The villagers gladly received the missionaries because one of them belonged to their own tribe. Nearly 200 people showed up to see the movie.

As darkness fell, the crowd sat on the ground and watched the Gospel unfold before their eyes. At the end, many received Jesus Christ. Even a devout idol worshipper came forward to receive a Bible. “I will read this and learn more about Jesus,” he said, holding it carefully.

The next day an elderly man, challenged to grow in his Christian faith, donated a portion of his small farm for the building of the first church in that village. How we praise Jesus that He uses the medium of film to bring His love to the unreached of Asia.

Seeking God for Fruit - 10/16/03

Anand knelt on the hard floor of his room. Tears streamed down his face. He wanted only one thing from God. And by faith, he knew he would have it.

Anand comes from a tribal group in India. With a passion to reach the lost, he went to a Gospel for Asia Bible school. After graduation, he could hardly wait to reach his mission field. This was the first time a missionary ever came to this village.

He eagerly distributed Gospel literature and visited houses. But no one was interested. Anand grew very discouraged. But instead of giving up, he spent long hours in prayer and fasting. “Oh, God,” he cried, “please help these people turn to you.”

Over time, the Lord led him to reach out to local children in a special way. He started a school. The excited students took the Bible stories and Gospel songs home to their parents. This opened the door for many of the adults to be interested in Christ. It was not long before Anand's prayers were answered: Eleven people gave their lives to Christ, and a church was started in the village.

GFA Broadcaster under House Arrest - 10/14/03

Dhoniam, one of Gospel for Asia’s radio producers, is under house arrest—along with his young family—and not allowed to contact anyone unless they deny their faith in Christ. This has greatly affected the production of GFA’s radio broadcast in the Marwari language, which reaches a potential listening audience of 13 million people in India and Nepal.

Dhoniam suffers this persecution from his own extended family. Let us pray for God’s protection for this brother and the continuance of the Marwari broadcast so these precious people will hear about Christ.

Human Ambulance in Nepal - 10/14/03

His life was hanging by a thread. One wrong move, and he and his precious cargo would plunge hundreds of feet to the ground.

Every step had to be carefully calculated. Even though Bek had traveled this mountainside many times before, this time he carried a sick person on his back. He was on his way to the nearest hospital in Nepal. It was an exhausting, four-day journey by foot, crossing many dangerous slopes and trails. Many people died traveling this way.

"Nine believers fell sick all at once," Bek said. "I carried them to the hospital, one at a time. While crossing the dangerous trails with people on my back, I remembered the Lord's pain when he carried the Cross for my sins."

Bek graduated from a Gospel for Asia Bible school in Nepal and has already established a church in a mountain village. The cry of his heart is to lead more Nepalis to the Lord Jesus. He asks, "Please pray that I may show the love of God to the Buddhist monks and others, so that they may see Jesus through me."

Bek is just one of more than 13,500 GFA native missionaries, willing to go anywhere and endure any hardship to win others to Jesus Christ. Click here to learn how you can have the privilege of linking your life with one of these faithful servants.

Healed and Given Hope - 10/14/03

Lakhiram's paralysis left him bedridden, and that is how he thought he would spend the rest of his life...until a miracle happened.

This Indian man had lost hope. No doctors his wife and children took him to could help him. But then Lakhiram heard about a GFA Believers Church nearby and contacted the pastor. "If I am healed completely," he told him, "my family and I will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior."

As this pastor shared the Gospel of Christ and prayed, the Lord healed Lakhiram. Along with his family, Lakhiram gladly received Christ into his heart. Rejoicing in their awesome God, they enjoy fellowship with other believers at church.

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